Who Is Kawaii Box?

The people behind a Kawaii subscription box are enamored by all things cute. They say that these toys and goodies can bring happiness to people's lives, which is hard to argue against. 

Each item is carefully selected and becomes part of their monthly subscription boxes. They send everything from Kawaii squishies, stationery, and other soft and cuddly items to bring a smile with every box. 

They send them directly from Tokyo so all the brands are authentic. Some of the most popular that are included are Pushee, Hello Kitty, Totoro, Hi-Chew, Pokemon, Moomin, to name only a few.

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How Does A Kawaii Subscription Box UK Work?

It all starts with choosing the plan that suits you best. There are three options. The monthly subscription, the 6-month plan, and the 12-month plan. The latter two provide more of a discount but every box includes 8-10 fun items that are never the same.

After selecting the plan, all that’s left is to fill out the billing information and wait 2-4 weeks after the first order before receiving a monthly box of Kawaii fun.

Every month there is a different theme. One of the most fun was the summer fun box. It featured a cinnamon roll beach plushie that could attach to a bag and the fish-shaped dessert; Puku Puku Taiyaki Melon Cream Soda Water. There was also a headphone case, hair clips, and other fun summery items. When it's still raining in August, at least a Kawaii Subscription box can make the day a little brighter.

There is always a booklet included detailing what is special about the theme and how the items are connected. This is a nice touch as it provides more of an insight into the culture. 

Is It Any Good?

We would say yes, even if you are not already a fan of Kawaii. The goodies work out to cost what you would expect per item, especially since they are imported. 

Every month is different but there is usually some neat stationery, something edible, and something soft. These are small parts of Japan that you cannot get elsewhere so it is a unique experience every month.

Although it is tailored towards adults, kids love this subscription box as well. There are so many fun and cute items that it is understandable. 

Kawaii Box On NBC

That’s right, it once featured on the popular US show The Today Show as a gift that keeps on giving. It is the sort of thoughtful gift that has a unique feel to it and would make a great present for someone who likes quirky items or loves Japanese culture. 

It has also featured on Buzzfeed, Nylon, and Bust among other places.

How Much Is Shipping?

Despite being sent directly from Tokyo, Kawaii subscription boxes come with free worldwide shipping. This is good news for anyone who can’t wait to get their hands on their next box. 

It is possible to track your box via the website although they say it can take between 1-4 weeks depending on the location. For the UK, it is usually delivered via Royal Mail.

Can You Cancel The Kawaii Subscription Box?

Yes, and they make it easy to do so. Go into My Subscription on the website to start the process. This is easily done with any subscription but the monthly version is less of a commitment.

What’s Bad About It?

Nothing in particular, but anyone who really can’t stand pastel colors, and weird and wonderful confectionery and soft goodies may find it isn't for them.

It is something that any Kawaii enthusiast must get their hands on and is certainly one of the better and more reasonably priced boxes in the niche.

So, Is The Kawaii Subscription Voucher Code Worth Using?

Absolutely. The discount is great but the continual monthly payment isn’t as much as some might expect anyway. Using our Kawaii Subscription discount code will save a bit of money so you can see for yourself.

The most up to date code is as follows:

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