Who Are Cafepod?

Anyone into artisan coffee made by an independent company, different from the big brand coffees will appreciate their story. Established in London in 2011 after one of the eventual owners was travelling around South America. He stumbled across a shop making Nespresso pods only they used different and exciting blends of coffee.

This became his benchmark upon his return - to make exciting coffee available to all. Their coffee can be found in supermarkets around the country, and there is an impressive range of products. They put a lot of emphasis on strong coffee with bold flavours, but after sampling more than a few of their blends, there is more depth to their range. Today, it is the Cafepod subscription service that we are interested in.

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What Is A Cafeood Subscription?

The idea is that you never run out of coffee again, those dreaded Sunday mornings when there isn’t enough for another cup and the supermarket run is imminent. This is a delivery of Nespresso compatible aluminium coffee pods on the regular.

They also do a Cafepod subscription for ground coffee as well as for whole coffee beans so there are options for every type of brew and coffee connoisseur. 

How Does It Work?

It all starts with choosing the kind of coffee you want. This includes the roast, blend, and how it is ground or in a pod. It is also possible to mix and match different coffees so you aren't always drinking the same brew every morning. 

After that, it is all about how much you want. Those who have several cups a day will want to fill their basket, and the frequency of delivery can also be tailored at this stage.

Once the order has been made, the coffee is delivered to your door at the frequency you have selected. No more running out of coffee or running for the shop.

What About The Coffee?

Well, there is no concern here. We’ve pretty much tried the entire range and can say we have never been disappointed. Because their coffee is available in supermarkets, it is not difficult to get hold of, but a Cafepod subscription is convenient, plus you are getting quality roasts through the door every month.

The Cafepod supercharger is a popular blend. Mainly because it is so darn strong. Anyone who needs their morning espresso before they can function will find it to be a good option, full of spiced notes that are smooth and balanced.

One of the other popular options is the brunch blend. This is not as strong but still packs a bit of a punch. 100% arabica, it has a chocolate/brownie taste and aroma that makes it great for pouring with a friend.

How Much Does Cafepod Cost?

This depends on the frequency of delivery, and how much you are looking to order. It can be changed at any time so if you find yourself running out of coffee or having a bit of a backlog of pods or ground coffee, then it can be amended. Don’t forget an order can also be skipped so if you are going away or just need a month off, they make it possible. 

Essentially, these are supermarket prices but with quality coffee. For example, a bag of Brunch Blend ground coffee can be picked up for less than £5, and there are other discounts when using a Cafepod promo code (more details on that below). So, it does make for one of the best coffee subscription boxes without breaking the bank.

How Do I Cancel Cafepod?

Like any reputable subscription service, Cafepod does not make this difficult. They have plenty of options for those who want to pause or cancel their subscription. It can be done online and as long as there is plenty of time before the next payment is due to be taken, it should be fine.

You can amend your subscription via SMS. Customers do not need to log into a portal and find the right settings to make any changes.

Cafepod Discount Codes

There are plenty of generous promos available for a subscription box, as well as other purchases. The best cafepod discount codes can always be found here as we keep them up to date.

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