Rave Coffee

But, with an influx of coffee subscriptions available, is this Cirencester based company any good? We’re going to take a closer look and see if the Rave Coffee discount code we have is worth using. 

Who Are Rave Coffee?

We like a company that removes all the fuss and jargon, Rave Coffee makes a point of this early on. They say this is just great coffee made simple, something we can get on with.

They produce freshly roasted beans and compatible coffee pods, so there is a focus on the eco-friendly side that is rightly becoming more common.

They make it easy for customers to tailor their coffee subscription to their needs and send them to a home or office.

Their pods are Nespresso compatible and they can even send green coffee beans to be roasted at home if you know what you are doing!

In terms of quality, Rave Coffee looks to source coffee with a score of 82 or above on the SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) quality scale and for their single origins, 84 and above. This inspires confidence that they are sending a quality bag of coffee every time.

One thing we noticed is that their packaging is on the plain side. Rave Coffee addresses this by saying they put their efforts into sourcing great coffee without charging extortionate prices. 

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How Does A Rave Coffee Subscription Work?

A Rave Coffee subscription is a bit of an educational experience. They provide knowledge and tips on how to make a better brew, and you do get to learn a thing or two along the way.

The journey starts with sustainable and ethical coffee, and you select your preference of roast style between the following:

Traditional - Aromatic and full bodied coffee that is typically roasted medium or dark.

Discovery - Clean and balanced with a distinct flavour. These coffees are roasted lighter to preserve their origin character.

After this, you select the grind type or go for beans if you like to grind your own. This all helps Rave Coffee choose the right bag of coffee based on your choices. Then, you select how many bags you want, the frequency of delivery, and fill out your details.

Then, the coffee is sent directly to your door. Your coffee selection changes every calendar month so you don't end up getting the same bag of coffee. 

What Else Do You Get?

We mentioned that this isn’t just a box of coffee. A Rave Coffee subscription includes a journey of discovery where they take you through the route your beans have taken, all the way from being picked, to arriving at your door. 

This is part of the educational side, but it is beneficial as it helps you to learn how the coffee is best enjoyed, so you end up with the best possible cup every time. 

How Much Is Delivery?

Another plus point to getting a Rave Coffee subscription is that delivery is free, with no extra charge for larger quantities either. 

What Else Do They Sell?

Their shop is well stocked with all things coffee and accessories. Think of your Aeropress and other brewing equipment. There is even a section for buying brew kit boxes which include a Hario Cold Brew gift set, and a filter coffee gift set with scales for weighing out the perfect amount of coffee.

What’s Good About It?

The quality of coffee has to be tasted to be truly experienced, but they cater for all palettes and preferences. 

We like the convenience of it, no one wants to have to pop out to the shop in the morning for a coffee fix, and Rave Coffee arrives at the same appointed slot.

Their passion for coffee is evident on their website. This is a brand that concentrates more on the coffee than anything else, they make that clear in their simple packaging! The coffee is also reasonably priced as subscriptions start from £7.95. Not bad considering their coffee is selected from the high scores appointed by the SCA.

What’s Bad About It?

It’s hard to find fault in their products or service. If you are into fancy packaging, they are even working on giving customers the option for something a little more exciting, although it will cost a little extra.

Is The Rave Coffee Discount Code Worth Using?

We think so. Try this coffee subscription for yourself and use the following Rave Coffee discount code:

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