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Pact Coffee

We’re going to find out what this coffee subscription involves, and see if the Pact Coffee discount code we have is worth using.

Who Are Pact Coffee?

Pact only uses renowned and dedicated farmers which shows the passion for coffee has not waned for founder Stephen Rapoport. In 2012, he launched the business from his kitchen, just 3 weeks before his wedding!

Enjoyed by over 50,000 members, Pact Coffee is an award-winning coffee subscription. In 2020, their service ensured that over 21 million cups were sipped. 

One of the biggest conveniences is that you know the coffee is going to be good. They stand by each bag of dark gold enough to offer a guarantee. Pact Coffee will exchange any coffee of theirs that you don’t like, for free.

They’ve removed a lot of the middle parties to pay a fair price for their coffee they pledge to pay 25% over the fair trade price. Still, they make it so their customers are getting good value. This is how a Pact Coffee subscription manages to be so competitive, but there is plenty of choices as well.

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How Does A Pact Coffee Subscription Work?

It starts with a few key decisions. Choose your roast preference from regular, espresso, and decaf. Then, the grind size. 

Pact Coffee subscriptions cater for all machines and methods so choose from whole beans, fine grind for espresso, all the way to coarse for a cafetiere. 

Next, there is a choice of which range you want to subscribe to. There is a house, select, and micro lot. 

House - For those on a budget, it is a chocolatey coffee that is reasonably priced and tailored towards those who like routine. 

Select - These coffees offer something a little different so you don't get the same coffee every time. Pact Coffee allows you to rate each coffee in this range so you get bags similar to your tastes, 

Micro Lot - A premium option for those who love their coffee with unique flavours. Expect rare coffee with flavour notes that stand out.

To make sure you never run out of quality coffee, it is good to see that Pact Coffee allows its customers to choose the frequency of delivery. It is also possible to pause or skip and order if you are finding that you have plenty left over before your next order. 

Then, you just fill out your details and wait for that first delivery of quality coffee. Once shipped, most are delivered within 7 days.

Is The Coffee Any Good?

There are different types of different tastes, and the house blend is still going to give you a quality pick me up every morning but there is a noticeable difference in quality between this and the Micro Lot bags.

Unless you know your coffee, you might not know the difference between El Injerto and Manila San Ignacio, but one thing for sure is that their tens of thousands of members are coming back for more every month for a reason.

Pact Coffee does ask useful questions about your preferences in terms of taste and aroma to help you find the ideal coffee match. Alternatively, you can trust the exports on their end to send you something good. 

How Much Is A Pact Coffee Subscription?

This depends on the type of coffee you order. The House blend starts at £6.95 a bag, the Select coffee is £7.95 a bag, and Micro Lot is £9.95 a bag.

We think the price is pretty standard considering the quality and there are discounts when you buy multiple bags to bring the price down.

Also, don’t forget we have a Pact Coffee discount code at the end of this article that can reduce the price at checkout. 

How Much Is Delivery?

Most of their options come with delivery meaning you are only paying for the coffee - just as it should be!

There is the option to get speedy next day delivery if you are in desperate need of that coffee fix, but this does cost more.

So, Is The Pact Coffee Discount Code Worth Using?

Absolutely. There is plenty of good coffee to be had with their subscription so we have no problem recommending the use of the latest Pact Coffee discount code. 

We keep this section up to date, so the latest offer can be found below.

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