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Who Are Graze?

Owned by Unilever, they are a snack company based in the UK. Founded in 2007, they send thousands of snacks around the UK every day.

Their health promise means they aim to make snacking taste good without a high-calorie count and one of the ways they do this is via their subscription service.

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What Is A Graze Box?

Included in every box is a selection of 4 healthy snacks. With a wide variety, these will usually be different and it is possible to get more of the items you love. 

How Does A Graze Subscription Work?

A snack subscription service is always best when it is easy to customise to your tastes and Graze starts by putting you in control. The initial questions are simple, a few personal details including information on allergens are needed to take you through.

The next stage involves choosing the frequency of delivery. Anyone who wants regular snacks can choose a weekly subscription. But there are also fortnightly and monthly options.  

There are over 100 different snacks available and you get 4 in a pack. Included will be a selection of nuts, dried fruits, dips, seeds, and cakes among others. There are different types of boxes to choose from. This is great for those who have an active life as there is a protein box, as well as the fun variety box, or a lightbox. 

The lighter box contains snacks that are only 150 calories. It is easy to amend your preferences by rating the types of snacks they bring up during this phase. It’s one way of ensuring the Graze subscription you opt for works for you. They promise to prioritise the snacks that you like more, and never send you the ones you have said you do not like.

The subscription gets better with time as their website gives customers the option to rate the snacks. This means liking or loving a snack will see it turn up more frequently, or have similar items appear in your next box.

What Is In A Graze Subscription?

Every order means a selection of 4 different snacks. These can include anything from the 100 options such as black pepper popping corn, apple and cinnamon flapjacks, marmite flavoured nuts, mini protein balls, smokin’ protein nuts, graze protein bites, and plenty more.

This of course will change the more you update your preferences. If there is anything you didn’t like or a flavour that you were unsure about, rating it accordingly will mean you don’t see it again.

Being customisable is great and the fact that there are always 4 snacks to tuck into is great for a bit of variety between meals.

How Much Is A Graze Subscription?

The subscription starts from £4.49 a box. This can be higher depending on the type of box and frequency but it is all down to you.

How Much Is Delivery?

Delivery is free on all subscription orders. It’s always good to discover you are only paying for the snacks, and not for someone to push them through your letterbox. 

Is Graze Good Value?


It is if you are looking for an alternative to unhealthy snacks. Also, some people might think it is only going to be good if you like nuts and seeds but this isn’t the case. Yes, these make up a portion of the options, but there is so much more. It is even possible to order a chocolate-themed box should you wish.

The price is reasonable and delivery is free but is going to be a good value for those who want to stop their stomachs from complaining between meals, without it being unhealthy.

What’s Bad About It?

The only downside is that you have to fill out your contact details and personal information before you get to snack preferences. Since a Graze subscription involves taking a chance on 4 snacks, this is understandable to a point.

This shouldn’t put anyone off though as the service, in general, is a great idea, and good value.

What Is The Latest Graze Discount Code?

They update their codes all the time, but we are on top of it. To find the most up to date Graze discount code, always check in with us first. The latest can be found below. 

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