They send out seasonal boxes so you can grow your plants, food, and flowers throughout the year. It all sounds great, but how does it work for those who don’t have green fingers? We’re going to take a closer look, and see if the Seed Pantry discount code we have is worth using.

What Is Seed Pantry?

Seed Pantry is a start-up founded by Neil Whitehead who wanted to grow his own veg but from his small first floor flat in London.

They send carefully selected boxes with everything needed to grow your own seasonal produce. They send the boxes at the perfect time to grow each plant, food, or flower, and they come from around the world so there is always something new to discover.

It doen;t matter if you are a seasoned gardener or a complete novice, plus, they send products that don't take up a lot of space so even someone in a small apartment can benefit from the relaxing greens of these plants. 

It is a great subscription for anyone looking to join the trend of growing your own produce. There are different options and you can choose from food and flower tubers, seeds, plants, and bulbs. They send the kits out no matter what season it is and provide everything you need to help each plant thrive. 

Every month you select 6 items to fill your box and Seed Pantry sends them directly to your door. You get to choose from your preferences of food, flowers, or plants, or they will send them as a seasonal surprise.

They send grow-your-own subscription boxes every month, as well as indoor hydronic food growing technology and plenty of retail products that help you grow your own plants.

How Does A Seed Pantry Subscription Work?

You get the choice of two subscriptions; the discovery box for small spaces, gardens, and allotments, and the pro-box for food and flowers, better for bigger spaces, gardens, and allotments.

Here is what is included in each:

Discovery Box

  • Monthly Discovery Box
  • Expert 'How to' Grow Guides
  • Go all flowers, all food or mix it up!
  • New choices each month
  • Save 40% - bulbs, seeds, plants
  • Delivered at the right time to grow
  • Pause/skip months, cancel anytime
  • Gardening made easy


  • New & experienced gardeners
  • Expert Grow Guides included
  • Go all flowers, all food or a mix
  • Season choices, pick 10 monthly
  • Pause/skip, cancel anytime
  • Save 40% - bulbs, seeds, plants
  • Delivered to your door

Once you have made your selection, it is time to select the items you want in your box. They are all seasonal and include everything from colourful tulips to mixed spicy leaves, shallots, chrysanthemums, and many more. These change depending on the time of year and the variety is one of the first things we noticed:
They are then delivered to your door with instructions on how to grow and care for each plant, flower, or food. 

Follow the growing guides to ensure the prudence thrives in your plant pots, garden, or allotment.

How Much Is Delivery? 

This is one of the additional benefits of a Seed Pantry subscription, there is no charge for delivery.

How Much Is A Seed Pantry Subscription?

The discovery box is £12.99, and the pro box is £19.99 so it does cater for all budgets so anyone can get involved. 

What’s Good About It?

Everyone needs a little help when it comes to growing produce. We’re no different, so the ease of this subscription is always very welcome. 

They make growing your produce simple, and there are plenty of useful tips for helping the produce thrive. The price is also good - since they give you a lot of what you need to get these plants, food, and flowers growing, you can’t argue with £12.99 and free delivery!

Being able to grow them in a small space is also great for apartment living.

What’s Bad About It?

Despite a Seed Pantry subscription being full of useful growing guides, they can’t get the produce to grow for you. 

There is always a chance that you will mess things up a little but we’re all human. Still, for the most part, the greens grow.

Is A Seed Pantry Discount Code Worth Using? 

We have to say yes. Despite the subscription prices being very reasonable, it is always nice to get a little extra off.

The most up to date Seed Pantry discount code can be found here.

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