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Pasta Evangelists

We’re going to put their range to the test, and see if the Patsa Evangelist discount code we have is worth using.

Who Are Pasta Evangelists?

Just like the pasta itself, it only takes a matter of minutes to subscribe. Every kit they send has everything needed to prepare a quality pasta dish, including the pasta, a garnish and sauce.

The website has a user-friendly feel and there are nice touches that make it feel like you are ordering from an Italian restaurant. That’s the quality we all want from our pasta, and Pastas Evangelist's subscription is often talked about like this is the case. 

It has been featured in several news outlets and media sources including the BBC, Tatler, and is even sold in Harrods, and featured on Dragons Den. 

They aim to take the strain out of home cooking and boxes usually contain 2 or 3 meals with all the ingredients measured in advance. This reduces waste but also makes cooking a lot easier.

A lot of the sauces are even pre cooked meaning there is even less prep time, and dinner can be served a lot sooner. Most meals can be cooked in under 30 minutes, the way pasta should be!

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What Is A Pasta Evangelists Subscription Like?

It starts as any good food subscription box should - with you selecting the pasta. There are 15 recipes every week to choose from and you can choose 2-3 meals or more should you wish to enjoy pasta more every week.

Next up, is delivery. You get to choose the day of the week that is most convenient to you so your pasta is waiting outside for you to get home.

When they arrive, you get a box of clear instructions, fresh ingredients that are ready to go, and meals that can be made in 5 minutes. 

We like that they put the customer in control, meaning you can skip, pause, and cancel anytime.

What Are the Meals Like?

You don’t have to look far to find incredible reviews - Pasta Evangelists make 5* pasta. Some of their range includes mouthwatering recipes like Lobster, Crab, and Prawn Ravioli with Tarragon Butter and Fresh Samphire, or Sicily’s Famous Fennel Sausage Sauce and Rigatoni. 

This is enough to make us salivate at the prospect, and the pictures on the website only make this worse. It certainly makes a big difference from the same pasta sauce every week.

The dishes can be frozen and eaten at a later date if you don’t find yourself eating them within the recommended time frame.

How Much Does Pasta Evangelists Cost?

The price varies depending on the dishes selected as they are priced differently. Naturally, expect to pay a little more for the likes of Lobster but the average price of a dish is £7.50. This isn’t exactly cheap, but it is restaurant quality which makes it feel like good value.

If you take into account the average price of a takeaway, you may end up saving money and getting better nutrition. 

What’s Good About It?

One of the best things about a Pasta Evangelists subscription is that it makes you feel like you are cooking restaurant quality in your own home. 

Convenience has to be the biggest plus point. Most subscription boxes are going to leave you with food that takes longer to cook. It’s understandable. But, the benefit of Pasta Evangelists is that pasta never takes long. Some meals can be cooked in 5 minutes!

Also, it’s not easy to find these meals in the supermarket. Making them yourself means buying multiple ingredients. The sauces are pre cooked and ready to go when you need a yummy dinner without having to resort to a takeaway.

The format is simple, and the portions are good, there isn’t much else you could wish for. 

What’s Bad About It?

Nothing particularly stands out. Even though the price is a little higher than some other subscriptions, each meal does have a restaurant-quality taste. 

The delivery window is a bit big, going up to 9 pm which means you aren't always sure if the delivery will be in time for the first meal.

Is The Pasta Evangelist Discount Code Worth Using?

We have to say yes. The quality of the meals and ease of cooking makes this an excellent choice. We always keep this section up to date so see below to enjoy the latest Pastas Evangelists discount code. 

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