Muscle Food

We’re going to put them to the test, and see just how good this popular service is.

What Is Muscle Food?

Founder Daniel Beale came up with the idea that is now Muscle Food back in 2013. With a string of awards including ‘Specialist Retailer of the Year,’ it has helped others make gains and gone from strength to strength itself in the process.

They launched an online plan called ‘Do The Unthinkable’ to help people reach their goals through better nutrition and exercise. 

When it comes to building lean muscle, it is all about careful planning. It isn't easy to get the food that is best for you. It is easy to get a protein shake into your system post-gym, but it can be everything else you consume throughout the day that sends you off course.

Their plans include breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and can be customised to meet the unique needs of the individual. Muscle Food isn't just for bodybuilders, although this was the initial concept. The plans are designed to suit different goals, whilst delivering plenty of meal options. 

The Muscle Food company has over 100k reviews on Trustpilot and still has a high rating, so they must be doing plenty right. 


How Does A Muscle Food Subscription Work?

We should start by saying there is no contract involved, this is a monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time. 

It all starts with selecting your goal. They have plans to match different needs, so the options are as follows:

  • Super Slimmer: For losing weight, this subscription has over 100 recipes to choose from. Compile a 7-day meal plan to make the fitness goals
  • Lean Machine: For toning. These are high protein plans to make mealtime convenient. They are tailored towards someone already following an active lifestyle.

Then, it is time to choose the meal goals that best match what you are looking for. There is the option to get a full-time meal plan that takes a lot of the strain of preparing and eating healthy. Alternatively, the lunchtime pots seem great for anyone who needs quick meals that aren’t full of rubbish. 

After this, you need to select dietary preferences, whether or not you want snacks included, the number of calories you want to consume every day, and how many days a week you want to get them.

Filling the basket with tempting food is the best part. Each meal has been portioned to deliver the ideal amount of protein and nutrients to reach a goal and there are plenty to choose from. Some of the most tempting include Levi Roots Caribbean Chicken, High Protein Sunshine Chicken Pot, Cajun Beef and Rice Pot, Beef Ragu, as well as vegan options. 

Then, it is all about the billing information and delivery. Speaking of, they are delivered in a chilled box and don’t need to be in to receive it as long as there is something the meals can be kept until you return home.

How Is The Food Delivered?

A Muscle Food subscription is delivered in a chilled box. This means it will still be fine for hours and can go straight into the freezer once you get back.

Where Does Muscle Food Meat Come From?

With a focus on animal welfare, muscle food gets its free-range, grass-fed beef from British and Irish farms. 

Their chicken is sourced a little further afield. Namely Belgium, Italy, Spain, Holland, and Lithuania. They are all from breeding farms where they can roam freely. 

Is It Value For Money?

The meals can work out to be less than £2 each depending on the plan, length of subscription, and calories. Still, we think ease and convenience are what makes it a good value. Not having to worry about the calories and protein content of your meals means you get to concentrate on the grind that is your fitness goal. 

When compared to supermarket prices, the plans do save money. The cost of cooking these meals from scratch means buying multiple ingredients, and protein isn't cheap either. 

Is The Muscle Food Discount Code Worth Using?

Absolutely. Although a subscription does offer good value, there is nothing wrong with getting a little extra off. We always keep this section up to date so here is the latest Muscle Food discount code:

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