Who Are Japan Candy Box?

The brand seems absolutely bonkers about all things Japanese, which bodes well for those receiving a box of goodies every month. The snacks are handpicked and selected with the criteria that they must be something that people like to eat. 

These are popular snacks in Japan and many of them are limited edition candies. Some are a little out there which adds to the excitement and arrive directly from Tokyo to the doors of customers around the world. 

Some of the brands included in their boxes are KitKat, Pocky, Collon, Poccho, and Glico among many others.

They have a big social presence with over 80k Instagram followers and are the subject of media frenzy for the colourful way they operate. You wouldn’t expect any less from a subscription box themed in Japan.

How Does A Japan Candy Box Subscription Work?

It’s all about the fun and love of Japanese snacks and starts with choosing the plan that matches your needs. There are three options for selecting a Japan Candy Box subscription. Starting with the monthly box. Then the 6-month box ensures a little discount. The 12-month plan provides the greatest discount.

With the billing information filled out, expect the first box to be dispatched in a few days. The process is as simple as any other snack subscription box. What we like is that you genuinely have no idea what will arrive and this will appeal to anyone who loves the culture and fun side of snacking. 

What’s Included?

Each box includes 10 Japanese treats every month and the monthly box can be cancelled anytime.

Each month follows a theme. One of our favourites had to be the Summer Matsuri Surprise. This is the festival-themed box that celebrates music and street food. Part of the fun of this box was in the form of a Banana Man Marshmallow. This is a chewy marshmallow stick filled with chocolate. Also included was Mentos Ramune Soda Candy and a handful of other exciting flavours in the form of chews, dried noodle snacks, and gum.

Some of the other treats you can expect to find include Rilakkuma Biscuit Sticks, Yaokin Sour Paper Strips, Pocky Almond Crush Sticks, and several weird and wonderful flavours of KitKat. 

There are also traditional flavours to be found in the likes of matcha and wasabi that come in several forms from Pocky sticks to other savoury snacks.

Is It Worth It?

The slightly bonkers approach is nothing short of fun and will appeal to anyone who enjoys the diverse flavours and rare snacks. In terms of value, a Japan Candy Box has a range of options and they start at under $30.

Because many of these snacks are almost impossible to get hold of outside the UK, this is a great way of digging into the culture of Japanese snacks. As a subscription, the process is simple and is far more convenient than trying to source the goodies individually.

What’s Bad About It?

Nothing in particular. This box won’t appeal to anyone who likes their snacks plain. Because they are shipped from Japan, they do not accept returns which is understandable but could be mildly inconvenient.

Because of the type of service, there is no customization but we wouldn’t know where to start when it comes to building a box of Japanese snacks anyway,

How Much Is Shipping?

When purchasing a Japan Candy Box, shipping is free. This is the same policy when sending boxes worldwide so they arrive from Japan without the added expense. 

Is The Japan Candy Box Discount Code Worth Using?

For fans of snacking and all things Japan, it is a great idea that would certainly make an excellent gift as well. Because of this, we have no problem recommending the Japan Candy Box discount code we have. We always keep this code updated so be sure to check in here before committing to any subscription.

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